Sell Brazilian Bird Food for your Tropical PET

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Products, Prices on request, FOB, Santos, Brazil.

Bird Food

Canary Seed --
Sunflower seeds
Corn kernels
Bird Mix
Italian Millet
Corn meal
Food with vitamins for canaries
Rape seed
Linseed /flaxseed
Ration for canaries
Parakeet ration
Granulated ration
Parrot ration
Calopsitas & agapornis ration
Small birds ration
Song Thrush & Black Birds rations
Song Thrush & Black Birds powdered

Rations are sold in 500g boxes
Granulated ration, vitamin added feed, seeds are sold in plastic bags 500g.


Rations: boxes of 12 units of 500g each
Granulated rations, vitamin added feed and seeds in kraft paper bags with 12 units of 500g each
Corn kernel: kraft paper bag with 12 packs of 1kg each.

All items are valid for 12 months from packing date.
Exceptions: Corn meal [6months]
Granulated ration [6months]

All items 500g.
Exception: Corn Kernel, 1kg
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB, Santos, Brazil