Sell Brazilian Ethylic Alcohol Gel

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Hand sanitizers (alcohol gels) have gained popularity because they are convenient and easy to use. Alcohol works immediately and effectively to kill bacteria and most viruses. Solutions containing 60-95% alcohol are most effective. Higher concentrations are less potent because proteins are not denatured easily in the absence of water.
Alcohol gels work by stripping away the outer layer of oil on the skin, thereby destroying any "transient" microorganisms present on the surface of the hands. After use, re-growth of bacteria on the skin tends to occur slowly, thereby effectively keeping "residual" micro-flora that reside in deeper layers of skin from coming to the surface.
Origin: Brazil
Shipment: 20 days after payment confirmation
Cartons/cntr 20 dry: 1.008 cartons with 12 bottles
Cartons/cntr 40 HC: 2.560 cartons with 12 bottles

Product: Ethylic Alcohol (combustion) gel 65: INPM
Packing: Available on 18 kg, 5 liter or 500 ml plastic bottle.
Used to clean the house/kitchen or to ignition fire.

Product: Ethylic Alcohol gel 70: INPM Antiseptic line
Packing: Available on 500 ml, 240 ml, 60 ml or 5 liter.
Pharmaceutical and Hospitals uses.