Sell Brazilian Icumsa 45 Sugar

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Origin: The origin of the icumsa 45 sugar will be brazil.
Important: We are only interested in contracts of a minimum of one year.

Product quality and specifications
The representative of the inspection firm or compatible world class inspection organization at the port of loading shall confirm the product quality conforms to the following specification:
Commodity: Brazilian white cane sugar icumsa 45
Specifications: Fit for human consumption
Polarity at 20 deg. C:99.80 min.
Ash content:0.04% max.
Moisture:0.04% max.
Solubility:100.0% drt and free flowing.
Granulation: Fine
Icumsa: Max.45 icumsa, attenuation index units method no:4-1978)
Sediments: None
Color: Sparking white
Magnetic particles: Mg/k 4.
So: Mg/kg 20.
Radiation: Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine: Certified
Smell: Free of any smell
Reducing sugar:0.05% max
Substance: Solid, crystal max
Max as:1 ppm
Max os:2 ppm
Max cu:3 ppm
Hpn staph aureus: Nil
Poisonous seed/husks: Phytosanitary certificate of no radiation, no virus, no insect parts, no poisonous matter and non genetic and is suitable for human consumption.
Origin: Sellers discretion
Packing: In new sacks of 50 kg. Pp. Polyethylene (pe) liner, in slings or on pallets suitable for ocean transportation. Bags to be labeled in english language indicating:1) net weight,2) sugar
Cane icumsa 45,3) country of origin 4) no producer name.
Product packing
In 50kg pp bags
Basis of delivery
The date of the bill of lading shall be considered the date of lifting and delivery.
Product delivery
Delivery of the sugar shall begin shipping within 30-45 days after the acceptance of the letter of credit, or as soon as is possible.
Performance bond: Supplier will post a performance bond 2% (two percent) of the value of the
Irrevocable fully funded transferable letter of credit per shipment.

Payment terms
Payment for the agreement quantity shall be effected through an irrevocable fully funded
Transferable letter of credit payable 100% at sight (at the port of loading) for the quantity ordered. The irrevocable fully funded transferable letter of credit must be issued, confirmed and guaranteed by a top prime world bank acceptable to the seller. Partial shipments are allowed, as long as each shipment is at least 12,500 metric tons until the total is reached.
The buyers bank is to be among the top 50 international banks or a bank acceptable to seller.

1. Buyer issues loi with full banking coordinates along with bcl bank capability letter.
2. Seller issue the fco
3. Buyer signs, seals and returns the fco.
4. Buyers bank sends by swift to the sellers bank the proof of funds (pof, mt 799) .
5. Seller issues draft of contract.
6. Buyer signs the draft contract and sends it back to the seller.
7. Seller signs the final contract and returns it to buyer.
8. Buyers bank issues rwa swift to sellers bank.
8. Sellers bank will send the proof of product (pop) to the buyers bank.
9. Buyers bank issues and sends by swift the letter of credit (lc) 100% at sight to the sellers
Bank within 48 hours after receive the pop.
10. Sellers bank issues 2% performance bond (pb) to buyers bank.
11. Shipment begins within 30-45 days.
Buyers bank is to be among the top 50 international banks or a bank acceptable to seller.