Cooperate Breast Care Apparatus

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Breast Care Apparatus has multiple function like breast beautifying and breast care. With help of contemporary music therapeutics, psychology, Chinese and western medicine, electronic engineering and automatic control etc, it applies the theory of music, sound field, bioelectricity, musical electricity, bioactive substance in breast care, and then fulfill the desire of nursing female breast, relieving the chest fatigue and alleviating breast pressure. Thus it provides the ideal choice and guarantees for females health and breast beauty.
Main Functions
1. Relaxation care: Let breast set free thoroughly from one days forbidden state, alleviate breast pressure, relax the breast, and postpone aging of the breast
2. Bionic massage: It is completely different from traditional single frequency physical massage. With constantly variable frequency instead, it could make your breasts get three dimensional bionic massage.
3. Regulate endocrine balance: Specially designed music procedure could inspire the brain, promote metabolism of human body, accelerate lymph and blood circulation, regulate endocrine balance, then its favorable for preventing mammary gland diseases.
4. Beautifying breasts: Stimulate hormone secretion, promote the forming of breast protein fibrin, speed up recombination activity of elastic protein bond, and make the lobule of mammary gland to be mature and loose breast gradually become full
Product Characteristics:
1. Superiority : Guide the vogue of breast beautifying through science and technology and specific music design.
2. Multiple functions: Beautify breast, strengthen breast and prevent breast disease. Simultaneously, it provides amusement and enjoyment for the user.
3. Breast Care Gel: With pure nature breast Care Gel, consolidate its beautifying and nursing effect for a long time.
4. Super Safety: Use 4.8 volt super low refreshing battery inside, one time purchase, lifetime use, thus it has absolute safety and low power
5. Convenient and multiple purposes: This apparatus has strong technique supporting system. It also has a 64 M portable memory inside; it could support window 2000, windows XP as well as other operating system, and need not driving software. Furthermore, women could download music from Therapeutic music CD as a present of the purchasing, they can choose their own favorite music.