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This Model is a high-technical super microbeam breasts enlarging system.

It is based on the latest microbeam energy technique from United States. To effect special light momentum of certain wavelength light on galactophore tissue to enlarge breast. This system will activate the sympathetic nerve, strengthen the blood pressure of the capillary of breasts and promote the secretion of estrogen, and accelerate the micronirculation, thicken the connective tissue, consolidate the support structure of the breasts suspending ligament, improve the state of body, awake the regrowth of the breast-cells. Finally, develop galactophore's growing, increase the lipocytes to achieve the natural and aesthetic breast.

Treatment range:

-- Inborn hypogenetic breast, small size,
-- The breasts being sunk, unsymmetrical in size;
-- The breasts shrink after lactation and distortion;
-- The breasts are not erect, because of inherit and erratically bite and sup.

Technical Specification:

Light Source: Microbeam light source
Spectra wavelength: 530 to 50nm
Energy Density: 1-50J/cm2
Spot Temperature: 0º C to -2 º C

Output Light Spot Size: 8mm x 40mm
Frequency: 1Hz, 2Hz, 3Hz
Cooling System: Air cooling & Built-in water cycle cooling system & Semiconductor cooling system
Power Supply: AC 220V, 16A
Power: 600W
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