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Because for the micro-pore pores ceramic, there are such varied merits as, well resistance to high or low temperature, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, higher mechanical strength, much uniform distribution of gas-pockets, longer serviceable period of utilization, and simple regenerating processes etc. it is utilized in many industrial fields. Its applications can be divided into two types, one is applied to separate the system of two phases; the other is to disperse one phase into the additional phase, in other words, to combine with two phases. Especially, it is applied to the liquid phase filtration, gas filtration, and fluidization etc.
Within the field of environmental protection, there are broad applications for the micro-pore-pores ceramic. For example, it is used in the filtration and dehydrogenation of sludge and flocculate of wasting water after the chemical coagulation. Or it is utilized in the pretreatment of the wasting water in the ion exchanging, electrolysis, and absorption of the active carbon. Or it is used in the filtration of suspended matter among the wasting water of the dust settling by wet processes in the boilers (It can realize the closed circulation) . Or it is applied to the end treatment of the flotation with gas and concentration by evaporation and the separating treatment of the wasting water containing the oil. Or it is applied to the collections of gas for combusting or burning radioactive matter through the combusting or burning gas filtration of the radioactive wastage. Or it is utilized in the cushion of the radioactive wastage storehouses and the rubbish filling up or burying sites to make the wasting water penetrate into pond of the water collecting through the hidden ditches in order to avoid the secondary pollution. Or it is used to the filtration of flue gas, the treatment of electric coating wasting water containing Zn, Sn, Ni and the mother liquor of electrolytic cell etc. It can simplify the processes and save the investment.
In the industrial fields, it can be utilized within the crystal filtration during the production of achromycin, the water filtration during the production of H2O2 in the chemical industry, the impurities filtration during photosensitive film producing, the ZnS filtration during lithopone producing, the filtration of all sorts of crystallization etc. It can also applied to the filtration of the natural gas, the dust, water drops, and oil mist filtration of the compressed air, the dust filtration of carbon dioxide gas, the filtration of allsorts of organic solvents, decarbonization, the solutions refining, dehydrogenation and oil-water separation of the crude oil before the petroleum extracting and refining, The impurities filtration of the return irrigating water, the dusts and impurities filtration of steam, chlorine gas, oxygen, oven gas, SO3, N2O5, SO3, CO2, CH4, hydrogen, C2H2, SO2, the antipoisoning filtration of the air and steam, the dispersion, distribution and inflation of gases, the dispersion of gas into liquid, such as, the flotation of the non-ferrous metals, The filtrating treatment of all sorts of the dragon water, industrial water, pure water, super-pure water preparing and the ocean water freshening, the filtration of all sorts of liquor, juice, port wine, and salt water, etc. In addition, it can act as the carrier of catalyst.
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