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Suppliers of Briefcase RCIED Jammer, Bomb Jammer, Radio Frequency Jammer. A Briefcase RCIED Jammer defends stationary or mobile users during explosive detection, bomb detection and bomb disposal circumstances. As a countermeasure system, its technology was designed with the aim of countering groups who commit acts of terrorism, assassination, and criminal murder. Portable Jamming System gives the user the edge against radio-controlled weapons. It acts as a mobile transmitting station, blanketing the vicinity to defend against invisible caches of ammunition and remote controlled bombs (used in ambush or street crime attacks) . Dangers posed from tactical operation commands (armed with modern commercial and military radio triggers or communications) can now be challenged.

The Briefcase RCIED Jammer Bomb Ranger is used by:
Police & Law Enforcement

The Military
Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD for police & security agency responders
Bomb Disposal experts
Explosive Detection applications for weapons inspectors
Security Companies and Security Professionals
High Profile Individuals
Wealthy Individuals
Corporate CEO's