Sell Brightened Agent of Colored Road Brick

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This brightened agent has the functions of the color promotion and the color strengthening. It can entrust the bright-colored surface layer to the road brick. And prolong the time of the color keeping.

When this product is used:the early strength of the concrete is increased, the curing time before the model taking off is shortened. The model turnover period is quickly, and the cost of the model is reduced, the percentage of the quality product is risen. The surface of the brick will be bright and clean without the color difference and the color spots, the self-clean ability of the roadside stone is enhanced, the dust on the surface of the bricks can be taken off by the rain. This product can be suitable for various cements and the gypsum . It also can be used together with the other additives. Its suitable application range is very wide.

This product has very strong adaptability with the various cement. It is mainly used in colored cement, white cement, and common silicate cement to produce the colored road face brick products and the colored cement tiles or other colored concrete products which are needed to improve their surface to be bright and clean.

Outward appearance: White powder or colorless transparent liquid.
Water content(powder) (%) :<3
Solid substance content (liquid) (%) :38+/-2
PH value (20degree C: 20% solution ) :9+/-1
SO 4 ion content (%) :2.6
Cl ion content (%) :0.03 0.04
Powder, 40% solution

Suitable Application Range
It can be used not only for manufacturing the artificial marbles and the terrazzo , but also to improve the color effect of the decoration concrete produced by the common technology.
It can make the cement products have the bright surfaces and the color-keeping ability , whether they are made by the common cement or the colored cement.
It has some water reducing effect for the cement mortar and can enhance the strength of the mortar. It can quicken the model turnover and enhance the percentage of the quality products.
It can be used together with the other additives and does not influence the bright effect.
Package, Storage & Handling
Powder: plastic sealed bag. 25kg per bag. Solution: in bulk 250kg drum.
This powder is easy to absorb the moisture from the air. So it must be kept in the original sealed bag and stored at the dry place. The storage period is one year.
This product is non-toxin and non-flammable. So the transportation requirement is general.
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