Sell Broad Band with built in 8 Port Ethernet Switch Qos Support (LA-95B )

Broad Band with built in 8 Port Ethernet Switch Qos Support (LA-95B ) You May Also Be Interested In: broad band isdn ta network security switching hub
Ethernet WAN port
Connects to ADSL / Cable modem.
Ethernet LAN ports
LA950 with built-in 4 port switching hub.
LA95B with built-in 8 port switching hub (QoS support).
IP Sharing
Up to 253 users can share the Internet Access with only one IP
Asynchronous port for ADSL/Cable Backup
Support automatic dialup backup with ISDN TA or Analog
Modem in case ADSL/Cable connection fails.
VPN support
Support PPTP pass through function.
PPPoE Client
Support PPPoE client function to connect to the remote PPPoE server.
Hacker Attack Logging
Support general hacker attack pattern monitoring and
Firewall Protection
Built-in NAT firewall guarantees network security.
Virtual Server
Allows internal server to be accessible from Internet.
DHCP Server
Automatically assigns IP information to network users.
DHCP Client
Automatically gets IP information from the ISP DHCP server.
Eliminates the need for Dial-up utilities and automatically
logs in to your ISP.
Idle Timer
Lets you set a specified idle-time before automatically