Sell Bromelain & Papain

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A. Bromelain
Bromelain is isolated from the stems, leaves and the skin of pineapple by employing modern biological extract technology. It is mainly composed of protease and many others contents. Its activity specification is indicated by GDU/g and the maximum activity specification on can reach up to 3000GDU/g. Bromelain could hydrolyze is the protein and health products, food, cosmetics, forage, leather, industry and so on. Because it has the function of strongly decomposing fibrin and the blood clot, therefore especially is remarkable effect in the medical application.

B. Papain
Papain is a type of vegetable protease which is isolated from the tropical fruit papaya through purification technology and has strong biological activity and the decomposing ability of protein. Papain is widely used in the line of medical application, food industry, leather industry, cosmetic industry, brewing industry, etc. We supply coarse and refined papain, its activity ranges from 50, 000 u/g to 3, 500, 000 u/g. It features good insolvency attenuation10% in normal indoor temperature within a year. It has even better effect under low temperature.