Sell Bronze Sculptures (Western Style) For Gifts/Decoration

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The blending of copper and tin to yield bronze first occurred over 5000 years ago. Bronze is vastly more durable and stronger than either of its component, and can be fashioned in limitless forms. Bronze casting has always had a special allure for the artist. It can be made into distinctive western style gifts, such as bell, wind-bell, candle holder etc. They are good choice to decorate your apartment to show the nobleness and elegance, as well as to present to your friends and relatives as gifts.

We can manufacture different style and size bronze ornaments according to your needs. Our engineers will be pleased to help you turn your draft into finished products for your confirmation, then product them in china. If your quantity is substantial, the tooling fee will be charged at basic price or free and deducted from your first order. In the same time, we also kindly invite you to have a short tour to look at our bronze section of our website and choose our current items. In this situation, the MOQ is very supportive.

Because there are too many bronze products in our show room, we couldn't display all of them on our website. We will be grateful if you could tell us what kind of bronze products (Chinese traditional bronze vessels, Chinese ancient bronze art gifts, bronze sculpture, and western style bronze ornament, as well as decoration materials such as bronze plaque, architectural sign) you are especially interested in. Then we can arrange more detailed photos to send you by email for your further reference.

Our service:
We produce different style and function bronze including Chinese traditional bronze vessels, Chinese ancient bronze art gifts, bronze figure of western historical people, and western style bronze gifts, as well as construction materials such as bronze plaque. You cannot only select them in our website, but you can also have your own design. In this program, we provide customer-oriented service. The color and design are all according to customer-individualized request.

We kindly hope our customers to describe their needs or send sample to us. Our engineers and designers have solid experience in building bronze tackle for different markets. They will help you turn your drafts into finished products and produce them in china.

Regarding to tooling fee and sample fee, they are generally charged at basic price or free. If your future quantity is substantial, the sample and tooling fee will be deducted by your first order.

We will be pleased to support you to build your own designed bronze integrating our latest technology. MOQ is supportive and flexible.

If you are interested in developing your own designed bronze or want to import good quality and relatively low price bronze products directly from china, please be free to email us. A dedicated team supports you for your business plan.