Sell Bronze Wares / Vessels (Bronze Craft Of Ancient Emperor Qin)

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Bronze Vessel of Qin state

The symbolic design, known as the "tao-tie" or "beast of gluttony", was used on Chinese sacrificial bronze 3, 000 years ago, combining all sorts of animal characteristics found in the natural world into one ferocious creature. The tao-tie is one of the most fantastic and imaginative designs found among Chinese bronze designs. It uniquely communicates the religious and ritual spirit of ancient Chinese bronze vessels.

Bronze can be classified into four main types based on function: Food vessels, wine vessels, water vessels and musical instruments. Within each group are endless variations ranging in form and design, fully demonstrating the rich imagination and creativity of the ancient Chinese people.

This products are equivalent to today's containers for water.

We kindly hope our customers to describe their needs or send sample to us. Our engineers and designers will help you turn your drafts into finished products and produce them in china.

Regarding to tooling fee and sample fee, they are generally charged at basic price or free. If your future quantity is substantial, the sample and tooling fee will be deducted by your first order.

We will be pleased to support you to build your own designed bronze integrating our latest technology. MOQ is supportive and flexible.

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