Sell Bti 1200ITU/mg WP

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Common name: Bacillus Thuringiensis subsp. Israelensis 1200ITU/mg WP

Appearance: Light Yellow Loose Powder

Potency (ITU/mg) : >= 1200

Moisture (%) : <= 5.0

Wetting Time (s) : <= 180

Suspension (%) : >= 70

pH: 6.0 ~ 7.5

Fineness (through 755m mesh %) : >= 98

Bio-mosquitocide---bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Israelensis(b. T. I)
B. T. I is pathogenic bacillus to mosquito's larvae, the function mechanism is as following: The active ingredient (insecticidal crystal proteins, icp) can release poisonous titanium though decompounding in alkaline and proteolytic enzymes condition of larval midgut, which lead to paralysis of the larval, destroyed the balance of the kalium ions. B. T. I is the most successfully applied product in the current bio-mosquitocide market. It has good effect to larval of culex, aedes, anopheles, mansonia and black fly.