Sell Bubugao series solar water heater

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Bubugao series solar water heater

Bubugao series products, which apply the latest ''KRD- Winding-pipes technology'' and developed by several international well-known energy research professionals of USA lv Kun Bei Solar Energy Using Research Institution based on KRD technology, improve the disadvantages of traditional solar water heater such as limited heat water, small water output, taking time to heat and worse water quality, etc and successfully develop the technology of secondary heat exchange, which can integrate high temperature, high efficiency with fast circulation of heat water perfectly. Bubugao series products are in the cutting edge of solar application industry.

There is heat exchange winding pipe in the unpressurized water tank, the water in water tank can freely exchange with the water in heat collector, while the bath water will exchange with the heater water in water tank through the winding pipe,
The cooper and winding pipe increase the costs, but bring stronger heat exchange ability. The temperature of water tank and heat exchange area of winding pipe can be adjusted to keep the continued bath requirement.

System Principle:
The water in water tank is only used for heat absorption, heat storage and heat release, the water quantity in heat storage tank is constant, the used hot water is produced in the follow procedure: the cold water enters in heat storage tank through winding pipe, the cold water absorbs the energy from solar hot water in heat storage tank and then turns hot, as the built in properties of winding pipe, the temperature of output water is close to the temperature of solar hot water in water tank.

(Temperature difference<=30, this the compressive tap water continues entering winding pipe and absorbs the energy of solar hot water and then the tap water become hot and released for use. The water quantity in heat storage tank is constant, but the water temperature keeps dropping until the temperature of the water in winding pipe has no heat transform value. )
The advantages of our products:
1. Solve the problem of non-pressure solar water heaters zero pressure hot water output;
2. Solve the problem of inconstant water thermoregulation caused by maladjustment of nature fall pressure of non-pressure solar water heater and cold water pressure change of tap water.
3. The water capacity in water tank keeps constant in use in order to avoid the empty heating while the heat storage tank falling fetching water.
4. The heat storage water tank seldom feed water to avoid repeat operating complicated water feed problems every day.

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