Sell Buetooth handsfree rearview mirror

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Model:JB-99 , Bluetooth handsfree rearview mirror

1. Bluetooth specification: 2.0

2. Easy to install and no need to remove the original rearview mirror;

3. Independent FM wireless earpiece to protect your secrets.

4. Can scroll 20 groups of incoming calls, store 200 groups. record<35secends>and play back

5. Characteristic designs , super light and ultra-thin. <305g>

6. Super bright LCM caller English name display.

7. Complete bluetooth wireless installation.

8. DSP technology, Full duplex, noise and echo suppression.

9. With 1000mAh Lithium battery to provide typical standby time of more than 10 time days of 11 hours and headset talking time of 5 hours.

and headset talking time of 5 hours.

10. Voice dialing , last call redialing, and call switching function.

11. Built-in hig intelligent microphone and powerful speaker.

12. Transmit the signal into car radio by FM frequency.

13. USB port for software update.