Sell Buggy line array B ultrasonic (Ultrasound Scanner)

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Buggy line array B ultrasonic:

Scan modes: 3.5MHz80 array element electron convex array

Detect depth: 200mm

Resolving power: transverse 2mm, vertical 1mm

Gamma: 256 ranks

Display modes: B, B/B, B/M, M

Monitor screen: 14 inch plane right angle

Measure function: distance, perimeter, area, pregnancy, rhythm of the hearty, slope, GS, BPD, CRL, HC, AC, FL gynemetrics fetus aetas, fetus weight and expected date of childbirth calculation software package

Times rate amplification: *1.0, *1.2, *1.5, *2.0

Depth hoisting: amplification hoisting

Posture marks: 11 posture marks with probe position

Display information: date, week, time, medical records No. , Times rate, measure data, human body mark, probe mark (rotatable) , character notes, full screen character edit and so on

Image processing: pre-processing, frame correlation, interpolation, acies reinforcement

Zooming modes: variable aperture, four-segment electron zooming and sonus lens zooming

Volume: 500mm(width) *1200mm(height) *700mm(depth)

Weight: 34 kg

Standard confirmation: 1 mainframe, 1set of 3.5MHz convex array probe, 1 set of 14 inch monitor

Optional components: video image printer, pseudo-colored processor


1. 14 inch large screen display, buggy mode structure, all plastic shell, luxury imposing style, accord man-machine engineering theory contrail globe and pan-keyboard design, high capability price proportion
2. It adopts advanced broadband scan technology of ultrasound technology, which can increase sensitivity at most.