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TH-607 Scale Inhibitor for Oilfield Refill Water

TH-607 is built with organophosphoric acid, special surfactant and synergistic agents, It can chelate with Ca2+ and Mg2+. TH-607 can effectively chelate and disperse calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate scales. TH-607 is used as scale inhibitor for pipeline of oilfield refill water. It has the advantages of high temperature tolerance, alkaline tolerance, salt tolerance, stable in oilfield reservoir, low dosage, etc.

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Appearance colorless or light yellow liquid
Solid content, % 30.0 min
pH, (1%water solution) 2.011.5
Density(200) , g/cm3 1.10 min

Add TH-607 into plastic pool (or box) every day, dilute with water and continuously add into inlet of dosage pump or metering valve (outlet of collecting tank) . Dosage of 10-50ppm is preferred (according to quantity of makeup water) .
Available Colors
colorless or light yellow
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20 days
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