Sell Bulgarian Canned Fruits And Vegetables

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Ecologically Clean Bulgarian Canned Fruits And Vegetables

The main business area of the company is producing and realization of canned fruits and vegetables. 54 articles, All is made from Bulgarian ECOLOGICALLY CLEAN products.

THE COMPANY HAVE SPECIAL PRODUCTION LINE FOR DIABETICS. All original 54 articles are remade especially for diabetics in second production line.

PRODUCTS: Red pepper pickles, Small Hot peppers (sterilized) , Assorted vegetables (sterilized) , Gherkins (sterilized) , Cabbage leaves (sterilized) , Marinated fleshy red pepper (sterilized) , Assorted pickles (sterilized) , Small hot peppers CHORBARJHIISKA (sterilized) , Small hot pepper (sterilized) , Vine leaves (sterilized) , Peaches compote, Assorted pickles (sterilized) , Gherkins (sterilized) , Green peas (sterilized) , Baked small hot peppers (sterilized) , Green beans (sterilized) , Forest mushrooms (sterilized) , Small hot pepper (sterilized) , Eggplant mash, Morelloes compote, Assorted pickles (sterilized) , Forest mushrooms (sterilized) , Green peas (sterilized) , Peeled tomatoes, Mushrooms (sterilized) , Apricots compote, Baked round fleshy red peppers (sterilized) , Pickled vegetables TZARSKA (sterilized) , Apricots compote, Forest mushrooms ASSORTED (sterilized) , Green tomatoes marinated, Pickled vegetables TZARSKA (sterilized) , Stewed dried fruits, Green tomatoes marinated, Mushrooms (sterilized) , Garlic (sterilized) , Wild garlic (sterilized) , Oat flakes (sterilized) , Gherkins (sterilized) , Peaches compote, Prunes, Dried Fruits, Vita Flakes Natural Musli, Vita Flakes Natural Musli Vegetables, Marinated red cabbage, Salad LOVDZHIISKA, Sterilized cabbage leaves, Marinated whole red fleshy peppers, Hotchpotch, Backed red pepper, Strawberrys compote, e. t. c.
Terms of Sale
FOB Varna port, Bulgaria