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Mangosteen; (Garcinia Mangostana) The Mangosteen tree is a small, slow growing evergreen with leathery leaves. The fruits have a thick rind, which encloses 5 to 7 fleshy segments, in which the seeds are embedded. The pulp has excellent flavor and is proclaimed by many as the best among tropical fruits. Often two crops per year mature one in autumn and the other in early summer. Found mostly in tropical India, southeast Asia and the east Indies.

National fruit of Thailand Known as "the fruit of the gods, " and "the queen of fruits. " Used by the Chinese for thousands of years. Has tranditionally demonstrated the following effects: Antidiarrheal Anti-inflammatory Pain control Infections Fever control Gastrointestinal problems Skin and rashes Headache Antiparasitic Contains "xanthones". Xanthones are plant phenol. Mangosteen is known to contain 40 of the 200 known xanthones. Xanthones are responsible for the wide range of medicinal benefit.
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