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We sell bulk pure noni juice by the palette or container load. Please call for pricing.

Why purchase reconstituted and flavored noni juice when you can purchase pure, unadulterated Noni Juice for less?

People of Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands were, and still are great believers in the fruit as a natural remedy and exported plants everywhere in the Pacific region, including Hawaii.
An interesting study of the early use of the fruit in Hawaii indicates that Noni may have been the only good source of vitamin C in the islands in ancient times and it was said to have helped the islanders survive. The natives used Noni fruits, Noni juice from the fruits, Noni leaves and Noni roots as well.

There are dozens of producers of Noni these days. Some juices now on the market are reconstituted from noni powders; others are made from Noni fruit pulp diluted with water; others are mixed with other juices and flavors. Very few Noni juices are marketed as 100% pure Noni juice. Many sellers look for ways to dilute Noni so as to maximize profits.
Brand Name
Innomark bulk Noni Juice
Supply Capacity
150 metric tons per month
Kosher, EU, Plant is USDA certified
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1 palette
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