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The vests are of  TACTICAL ASSAULT/ CUSTOMISED  design comprising soft armour and hard armour protection. All portions of soft armour qualify NIJ 0101-04 Level II .

The hard armour is of Composite Plate Combined ( CPC ) and qualifies minimum NIJ 0101-04 Level III protection from a distance of 15 meters. The complete over vests are anti-ricochet and possess following features:-

a. Front and rear rifle resistant plate pockets.

b. Front , back , and side coverage.

c. Multi-hit capability.

d. Removable , washable outer covers.

e. Adjustable Velcro side closures.

f. Adjustable Velcro shoulder fastening.

g. Full freedom of movement.

h. Waterproof and ultraviolet light proof ballistic panels.

i. Shoulder and neck protection.

2. Detailed Technical Specifications


(1) Size. 10 x 12 anatomical .

(2) Protection. NIJ-Level III in combination with
Level II soft body armour.

(3) Material. Ceramic- Kevlar

(4) Covering. Waterproof

(5) Weight One Plate. 2.9 kg

b. Soft Armour.

(1) Size. Medium
(2) Protection. NIJ 0101-04 Level II

(3) Shoulders & Neck. Adjustable Shoulder
flaps& fixed neck protection.

(4) Sides. Overlapping adjustable with ballistic protection. Cover 3 below the armpit to the waist level.

(5) Front. Front covers 1 below the base of neck down up to waist level. Have one utility pocket & Pocket for plate.

(6) Back. From base of neck down to waist level. Pocket for plate.

(5) Material. High Tenacity Twaron with trauma pad.

(4) Weight. 2.4 Kg.

3. Additional Parameters.

a. Soft armour coverings are waterproof.

b. All vests and its components qualify trial system in accordance with NIJ 0101-04 Level. Hard armour plates stop six AK-47 or 7.62x51 mm FMJ bullets.

c. The outer cover of vests can be of desired colour and is removable and washable.

d. The shelf life is guaranteed for 10 years.

f. The soft and hard body armour are of brand new material.

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