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Bullet-proof Vest---IV FB-040528CE

1. Designed to be worn daily by police, shore patrol, people in life-threatening situations (politicians, business leaders, money couriers, civil police force, bodyguards, etc. )
2. Plate Protection is up to NIJ0101.04 Level IV
3. Plate material: ceramic plate
4. Alloy plate thickness: 20mm
5. Alloy plate size: 10" x 12"
6. Alloy plate weight: 3.1 kg
7. Plate can completely resist 7.62x39mm bullets
8. Soft Armor is up to NIJ Level IIIA
9. Soft Armor Material: water, fire resistance material
10. Soft Armor with an ordinary anti-stab function
11. Vest inner side has a cushion part avoid impulsion
12. Four point adjustable strapping system ensures a comfortable fit
13. With special protection of neck, shoulder(removable) and armpit
14. V-neck configuration offers maximum protection and conceal ability
15. Pocket to accommodate plate of 10" x 12" size optional
16. Ballistic plates are removable
17. Packaging: Standard individual packaging
18. Warranty: Soft Armor for 5 years; Ceramic Plates for 5 years
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