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HF0401 Hallux Valgus Corrective Socks
Toe balance corrective cover
Health protect 300dannier
Relieve fatigue and make you relax.
Support: support the toes perfectly
Arch: Prevent arch reverse
*What Causes Hallux Valgus? It occurs when the joint at the base of the big toe disloated, causes the toe moves towards the center of the body, forces other toes not able to stretch and even cause hammer toes.
*Symptons? pain and inflammation when wearing tight shoes. Swelling around the big toe joint. Difficulty Walking. Leaving untreated will cause body inbalance and affect health.
*Prevention and Correction:Wear special designed elastic socks. Utilize its high strength to correct and prevent the problem.
*Hold: Hold the joint to prevent toe moves outward.
Stretch the toes: To prevent abnormal friction, squeeze and curl in the toes. Health Shield: Ease difficulty when wearing shoes. Prevent weariness and pain when walking. Balance:Prevent inappropriate standing posture. Maintain body balance.
*Notes:Do not use with trauma, rash and blisters. For sensitive skin, try wearing for a short perion and contine depending on situation. Stop using if skin irritation develops. Please consult doctor or contact our customer service department.
*Remark: Please consider discontinuing if the big toe is feeling pressed when wearing.