Sell Burglar alarm card, Wallet Anti-theft Anti-lost

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Alarm you by loud sound when your purse is moved by others, this prodcut works in the theory of sense light , when it meet even little light, it will alarm you.

To protect from loss of wallet, passort and other valualbes .

Operating theory using high photo sensor .
Built-in high sensivity miro sepaker .
card-like type , slim, small, easy to be put in various wallet.


1. Turn on the switch to Low or High position according to the surrounding you are in .

2. Put your alarm card in your wallet as the picture shows, let the sensor can sense light when your wallet meet light.

3. Keep your wallet in black surrounding (such as bag, and pocket) , when a thief move your purse , the purse card sensor can sense light , then it can alarm you by sound to inform you your purse is in danger.

4. When yourself use the purse, you may turn off the switch first so that it can't alarm, after you use the purse, please remember to turn on the switch again so that it prevent your wallet being stolen.
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