Sell Buried Thermal-Twist Insulated Pipe Production Line

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Consisting of an extruder, automatic constant temperature control system and twist
roadster, the equipment features a two-step method to produce insulation pipes.
The machine produces insulation pipes by twisting the PE belt onto the prepared
PU or steel pipe through the traction between the active and driven roadsters.

Able to process different specifications of direct-burial heat insulation pipes,
this equipment is used in the transportation of petroleum, natural gas, hot and
cold water, as well as for temperature preservation in the central air conditioning

Featuring an economical design, high efficiency and easy operation, this machine
will produce less waste and lower costs. The set can produce pipes in a range of

Main technical parameters:
1) L/D ratio: 20:1
2) Screw rotation speed: 10 - 40rpm, 10 - 45rpm, 10 - 50rpm
3) Motor power (timing) : 18.5kW, 37kW, 55kW
4) Tractor power (timing) : 2.2kW
5) Haul-off speed: 200 - 1,300mm
6) Wind-up diameter range: 32 - 377mm, 32 - 630mm, 219 - 830mm
7) Head size: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm
8) Heating power: <=25kW, <=40kW, <=65kW
9) Reference output: 10 - 50kg/h, 20 - 80kg/h, 30 - 150kg/h
10) Dimensions: 3,500 x 200 x 2,500mm, 4,200 x 200 x 2,500mm,
4,800 x 2,200 x 2,800mm
11) Weight: 2,500kg, 3,000kg, 4,800kg
ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011&3A 2000