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Bus intelligence work attendance system

The system is made up of a big data management base, Bluetooth intelligence bus auto check device and bus identification card.
Auto check on work attendance when the bus enters and record the pull in time and degree to monitor manage center. When it leaves, the device installed in the exit can feedback related documents to monitor center.
The auto check device was installed both on the entrance and exit in bus terminal.
The write and read distance among 0-30 meters is adjustable, the degree is 0-90 degrees .
Can identify the direction and no disturb in the border passage.
Communication interface:RS232/485 Weigand 26
Data speed:9600bps RS232 way
Bus identification card is installed on the right corner of bus, near the windshield.
When bus enters, the card and device exchange the data signal, and finish the task of information collection and work attendance check, then transfers to data monitor center. So The administrator can know the related documents of bus, such as the times of bus works in one day and the time per time costs.
Data manage base
Manage related document of bus, such as bus brand, model, affiliated company, limited date, main obligated person can check how many prepared buses in the bus station at any time.
Use environment:
Work temperature: minus 40 degrees centigrade to plus 85 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity 20% to 90% suitable in most area of your country
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