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The CEE TGZ-15/200 Bushing Well meets the full requirements of standard GB/T4109(High Voltage Primary Bushing Technology Conditions) . It is designed for the termination of primary winding leads at the front plate of fluid-filled apparatus rated at 8.3/14.4 kV. The bushing well is widely used in the high-voltage circuit of the padmounted, submersible transformer, switchgears, etc.

The Bushing Well is molded using high quality insulating material, when mated with comparably rated products, It provides a fully shielded insulating connection. A loadbreak bushing insert threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral loadbreak bushing.

The bushing well is externally clamped for sidewall mounting on single- or three-phase transformers filled with transformer oil or an approved equivalent. It is available for 2.25 inch (57 mm) holes and mates with all bushing inserts meeting applicable ANSI/IEEE Standards. The knurled copper stud with rolled threads provides excellent conductivity.
Model Number
CEE TGZ-15/200