Cooperate Business Assistance and Development

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Building an excellent sales network for your products or services is one of the most critical elements of your business. Too often companies find out that the distribution network they have built over the years is not appropriate, with the consequence of loss of revenue and market share.
Are you looking for distributors or manufacturers reps over the Internet? If so then STOP NOW. Although the Internet is a great tool for searching various information, you will never find quality distributors openly advertise themselves. Every day, such distributors are approached in great numbers by different companies that either come unprepared or do not understand their product's market dynamics.
Preparation is the key to success
Being well prepared before meeting your potential sales network is key to a successful business relationships. Before we introduce your company to our business network, certain issues must be dealt with. IMEX68 can help you with the following:
Market research
Analysis of your competition
Identification of risk factors
Test market
Readiness to export to the US
Supply capacity reports
Secure financial issues
Identification of the best distributor channels for your company
Distribution deal negotiation

Partnering with IMEX68 Global:
We understand that researching consulting services like IMEX68 is not an easy thing to do. We would like to help you. You must feel comfortable that the firm you are hiring is the right one for you and that they will help you achieve the level of success you anticipate. Its a question of managing your risk and expectations.

IMEX68 is an agent for imports and exports for different services and products.

IMEX68 quality products would be unique and exclusive.

IMEX68's mission is to become a recognized importer and exporter of quality items in the EU. The company guarantees friendly service.

IMEX68's purpose is to increase customer appreciation of products and services and to provide customers with great value.

Keys to success for IMEX68 are:
Product quality.
Customer service.
Access to manufacturers and distribution channels.
Controlling fixed and variable costs.