Sell Business Model for Major Market (plus free extra model)

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Meet consumer demands for safe foods and support local economies while building a worldwide, green business.

The "buy local" movement is here to stay. With my experience and knowledge in small scale agriculture, I have a created a model that can ethically and realistically expand the movement worldwide as well as take advantage of a huge, US market demanding locally produced foods and products.

In creating the written model, I am now looking for a single investor or group willing to PURCHASE the model from me and take to its' full potential through physical development then licensing, franchising, or corporate owned branches. (Please, no offers of loans, partnerships or joint ventures. )

I will work with you through your first 2-4 years in projects and trainings, as well as help you write any guides, manuals, workshops and such you might need for franchising, licensing or training development and hire the management team to run it all if you choose not to yourself.

Support local economies as you also provide jobs and the foods/products consumers want.

$5.5mil USD purchase also includes ALL rights to develop, franchise or license worldwide.

Looking for a group who wants to take over immediately.

If purchased before the end of March, I am also including a second model for a farm plan, at no cost. Will include all rights except US, USVI and PR.