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Business consultancy
Our Business Consultants Division provides advice to clients of all kinds of industries
and can be your partner in project management.
We are based in China, 200 km from Hong Kong in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province.
In 2004, Guangdongs exports accounted for 32.3% of the national total.

Our working area spreads out over 16 provinces in China and with more then 30 years experience
in the Far East we are specialized in finding and qualifying potential project or manufacturing partners
for you in China.

Our ability to speak Chinese, English, German, French and Dutch and our knowledge and contacts (network) in most of the highest levels of the various Chinese industries makes us a strong and understanding partner.

Tough & Company's European No Nonsense Management & Logistics and our strong Chinese
culture related working systems are operating successfully for the numerous foreign
European companies of all sizes in many different fields.

Our clients experienced that our strength and knowledge in China's and Hong Kong's business environment is admirable and impressive because of our experience of actually working there and meeting the locals and officials, allowing us to effectively penetrate the cultural barrier which many
first-time foreign investors in China and Hong Kong may find confusing.

Our network of contacts, which we have developed, enables us to always obtain the latest information
on legislative development, change of directives and policies as well as many invisible rules.

Tough & Company's policy avoids conflicts of interest and all research and findings remain
strictly confidential.