Sell Business office in Cairo with access to African markets for RENT.

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Available, in cairo, in a a location near cairo airport. Very suitable for international business and particularly business in middle east and black African markets.

The office is supplied with full furnitures, phone, fax, computer, internet dsl. . . Etc.

The office is also supplied with expert staff in intenational business professional in computer and business practices and local and international marketing, advertizment and opening channels and contacts for new markets locally and internationally specially for new companies in those markets and need professional people to provide all necessary knowledge.

We offer this office for rent for companies need to open new markets in middle east, black African and European markets, with special regards to new fastly growing markets with huge need for all goods and services: Libya with improved relation with western countries, and Sudan with newly discovered petrolleum and in need for every thing, as well as black african markets that are not easy to reach through trusted agents certified by their embassies in Egypt although they still need a lot of every thing and most programms of AIDs pour huge money in projects emplemnted there.

The rent will include: Rent fees, phone bills, salaries of employees, transportation, office running costs, commissions, loyality fees. . . . Etc.

Any company who have no experience about middle east and African markets and want to open new markets there, will have a great chance and full help to start fast and more easy business through this offer.

Interested parties lease contact Dr. M. Fouad.