Sell Butachlor

Chemical name N-butoxymethyl-2-chloro-2' 6'-diethy lacetanilide
CAS REG No. 23184-66-9
Molecular formula C14H20O2ClN

Technical Specifications
Content of a. i. >=92%Tech
Water Content <=0.3%
Acidity calculated as H2SO4 <=0.2%
Acetone-insolublw Content <=0.02%
Appearance clear orange to brawn liquid, free from visible extraneous matter
Packing N. T. 200KG in iron drum each or
designed and packed according to requirements of customers

Physicochemical Properties
Solubility (allin g/kg,200) in water 23 ppm, easily soluble in benzene, methyl benzene, tolent etc. Stability:stable to heat, light, acid, and alkali.
Chemical Stability Stable in neutral, weakly acidic and weakly alkaline media; hydrolysed by strong acid (pH 1) and alkalis (pH 13)
Storage stability Stable under normal storage conditions in original container
for at least two years
Compatibility Compatible with most herbicide formulations except very strong acid/alkaline formulations
Supply Capacity
500 ton per month
Available Colors
light yellow
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight