Sell Butterfly Valve

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Butterfly valve lined with rubber and metal sealing butterfly valve
Features and application:
Impact structure, small bulk, light weight, flexible operation, fine sealing, little fluid resistance, prolonged service time, convenient installation and removal and no limit of installing directions. The end connection type is usually wafer. Flange joint is also OK. Applicable to water, vapor, oil, sulphuric acid and nitric acid, etc. of Class150, PN0.6~1.6MPa, working temperature-29~1500. According to customers' needs, different rubbers can be applied to different fluids and temperatures.
Metal sealing butterfly valve:
Apply reasonable double eccentric structure. Apart from the advantage of glue lined butterfly valves, it is also high temperature resistant and has wider pressure range. The type of connection is mainly wafer. Flange joint is also applied. Applicable to Class150, PN0.6~2.5MPa, working temperature-29~4250 (carbon steel) or-40~5500 (stainless steel) . Different materials of valves can be applied to water, vapor, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidation fluid and urea etc.
Body Materials: Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, WCB, CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M,
ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
Type of Connection: Wafer, Flange
Operation: Wrench, Worm Gear Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator