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Wafer type soft seat doubleeccentric butterfly valves series DR are the products of Shenyang
Henyi Eneterprise Co. , Ltd which has been designed and manufactured to comply with
requirement of ISO 9001:2000 and which can meet the needs of API 609 and NACE too. The
valves of this series provide rational configuration, reliable performance and easy operation.
*Double-eccentric design
No seal ring and idsc contact/friction in the open or intermediate position.
Notably reducing friction duration of seal ring and disc while opening or closing valve, elongating
service life.
Smaller operator may be selected, reducing valve complete cost.
*Seat with reinforced material
The seat can made from reinforced PTFE with certain graphite, improving antifriction
performance and wear resistance, elongating service life.
The seat can made from PTFE added carbon fibre in, ts tensile strength have greatly increase.
*Unique seat seal ring
Lip-seal design of seat can make compensation dfficiently for temperature and pressure changes.
The sealing is achieved by elastic deformation of lip-seal type seat seal ring. not by their each
other extrusion, so as to elingate service life and reduce torque for disc adjustment.
Simply remove bonnet and replace damaged seal ring to disassembly of disk and shaft are
*Excellent for control performance
Superior control(incl. On and off) characteristics.
Inherent flow characteristic is modified equal percentage.
Wide control range, the disc can be controlled within 0-90
*fire resistance disgn available on request
Fire resistance type valves will be tested to API607 and BS6755 part2.
*Many models, wide application range
Nominal pressure:1.6-5.0MPa
Nominal size:100-1000mm.
Working temperature:-29-1800
Applicable media:chlorine, oxygen, steam, some high vacuum and erosive acids and alkalis.