Sell Butyl Waterproof Adhesive Tape

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Brief introduction
ACST8518 butyl waterproof adhesive tape is made of butyl rubber, with other solvent. It is a kind of environmental protection non-cure self-adhesive tape made with a special process, characteristic of excellent adherence and hardiness to surfaces of different kinds, and of anti-aging, and waterproof. It also possesses the functions of airproof, shock absorption and protection on the surfaces it stings on. Without any solvent, it has the following advantages: non-cure, none poison-emission and facility to install. With its feature of eternal unsolidification, it adheres to the surface very well and doesn't change with the temperature fluctuation. Therefore, it is a precious waterproof material.
Features and advantages
Capable of maintaining eternally soft and of sustaining being moved to some extent
Convenient for user, easy for measuring and cutting down waste
Last for at least 15 years
Excellent waterproof and airproof
Against chemical erosion
Against ultraviolet radiation (sunlight)
Standard colors: black, white and gray (also optional for other colors)