Buy Buy 18# & 20#  I Beam

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We would like to buy 18# & 20# Chinese Standard or 180 & 200 EN Standard I-Beam, 1000MT each. Please e-mail us your quotation for both standard of the said commodity at C&F. The destination port would be any port here in Dubai.

I  Beam Specification

Model : 18#
Length : 12m
h (high) : 180mm
b (wide legs) : 90mm
d (loin thickness) : 5.1mm
g (weight theory) : 18.7kg/m (225kg)

Model : 20#
Length : 12m
h (high) : 200mm
b (wide legs) : 110mm
d (loin thickness) : 5.2mm
g (weight theory) : 22.4kg/m (269kg)

For Chinese Suppliers only.

Thank you.

Managing Director