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75 ohm Satellite Coax Cable (foamed insulator)

The 200m spool of cable

The 100m spool of cable

MATV systems.

Capacity [pF/m] 53
Screen efficiency [dB} >78
Internal conductor resist. [ohm/km] 18
External conductor resist. [ohm/km] 20
Attenuation at: 47MHz [dB/100m] 4.0
88MHz [dB/100m] 5.4
174MHz [dB/100m] 7.5
230MHz [dB/100m] 8.6
470MHz [dB/100m] 13.0
862MHz [dB/100m] 17.8
950MHz [dB/100m] 18.7
2150MHz [dB/100m] 28.7
2400MHz [dB/100m] 30.3