Buy Buy crude oil, D2 and Jey Fuel

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On behalf of the end-buyer hereby confirm that the buyer is ready willing and able to enter with you into a contract for delivery of crude oil, d2 and jet fuel as below Only acceptable


Seller or seller mandate sends FCO.

Buyer answers with ICPO.

Buyer and seller sign Contract.

Proof of product (pop) will be supplied within 48 hours after signing the contract.

Seller issues non-operative performance bond 2% (two) , revolving, and copy of proof of product (pop) , including bank guarantee of deliveries.

Buyer issues within 48 hours after satisfactory verification of p/b and POP fully operative irrevocable, non-transferable, revolving documentary LC.

DLC activates PB.

Shipment starts as contracted

We thank you in advance for your kind attention to this request.