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salmarketing international is a textile sourcing
Company in karachi, pakistan and we have good vendors who produce good
Quality products for USA and europe.

Our company offers following services:

- vendor sourcing.
- production control.
- quality control.
- factories evaluation.
- product development.
- logistic support and export documentation.

Product lines we can supply:

A) hometextile:
Bed linen, curtain, quilt covers, sofa covers, fitted sheets, flat sheet and
All type of fabric etc.

B) domestic linen
Terry towels, wash cloth, barmops, polishing cloth and thermal blankets.

C) knitwear graments:
Polos, tees, sweatshirts, jogging suits, sleepwears, sportswears and socks.

D) woven garments:
Denim/twill trousers, shorts, shirts, dresses. Sleepwears, bathrobes and

We focus our efforts on fulfilling your requirement down to the smallest
Details and ensure that you get what you require. Quality products of our
Vendors will interest you greatly. If you have any quarry feel free to
Contact us as a dedicated professionals team is ready to provide every
Possible assistance to promote a strong and mutually beneficial relationship