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Model Number: Ec-300

EnCheck "C-Eye" is the most comprehensive diagnostic tool to be offered to most of your vehicles. EnCheck "C-Eye" provides a diagnostic capability so comprehensive that absolute independence is now a reality. All control units can be replaced and enCheck "C-Eye" provides real-time data, measures vehicle components performance, read and clear over 3000 diagnostic trouble codes, turn the "Check Engine" Light off, read horse power and others. Even more, enCheck "C-Eye" makes you always drive in safety by providing you to set dangerous alert according to your specific need.

Technical Data:
Protocols:ISO9141, KWP2000, VPW, PWM
Working Voltage:DC 12v-16v
Power Consumption: -10'C-50'C
Max Electric current:250mA
Weight: Approx.230g

Will enCheck work on my car?
Every vehicle made since 1996 has been required to be OBD II compatible. You can verify whether or not your vehicle is OBD II compliant by viewing a sticker that is most often found underneath the hood of your car. There are three different interfaces you may need depending on the type of car you have. You can view an online document that we maintain to display various vehicles and the protocols they use. All the information you see has been confirmed by various users across the world. If your vehicle is not listed, this does not mean it is not supported, this is simply a list of all confirmations we have received. If your vehicle has an OBD II sticker, it will be compliant with our system
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