Sell C-fold Hand Towel Machine / Hand Towel Machine

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C-fold Hand Towel Machine / Hand Towel Machine

Model: HX-170/400(250C) Hand Towel Paper Folding Machine:

A. Equipment can produce product:
1) . (Product) 2 line output;
2) . Product Unfolded Size 250*315mm (L*W) ;
3) . Product Folded Size 250*95mm12mm (L*W) .
B. Technical Parameter:
1) . Designed Production Speed: about 120 M/minute about 480 pieces(single line) / minute;
2) . Stable Production Speed: about 80-90 M/minute about 320-360 pieces(single line) /minute;
3) . Raw Paper Diameter:1200-1400mm;
Raw Paper Width: 630mm;
4) . Requiring Raw Paper 35-38g/M2;
5) . Equipment Overall Size: about 4000*1000*1600mm.
C. Basic Setup and Function:
1) . Pneumatic Loading Device;
2) . Raw Paper will be pushed by Flat Belt to ensure the tension for putting roll (output of paper) ;
3) . Roll-Putting Device has stepless timing to adjust tension for putting roll (output of paper) ;
4) . Embossing Device (we generally call it Embossing Roller, this machine will be equipped with Steel Roller to Wood Pulp Roller) ;
5) . Cutting Device;
6) . Vacuum Suction Conveying;
7) . Main Motor Frequency Conversion Timing;
8) . Emergency Stop Control Device.

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