Sell C5 (FR5100) Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin Used in Hot-melt Road-marking Paint

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FR5100 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin is a special hydrocarbon resin suitable for hot-melt road-marking paint. It can enhance the tenacity, hardness and adhesive force of paint, thus forming soomth paint surface. In adition, it can remain in a stable state in the all seasons through the addition of auxiliary agent and has excellent compatibility with rosin-like resins. In the mixing of top-grade paint, it can form such features as water-proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-chemicals, and improve the brightness adn dryness of the surface.

The road-marking paint made by FR5100 hydrocarbon resin has the following characteristics:
Light color.
Good fluidity.
High antifriction.
Even distribution of filling.
Strong resistance to weather.
High drying speed.
Strong smudge resistance.

Application field recommended: hot-melt road-marking paint.

Other use: pressure sensitive adhesive.
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