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The FT-5100 and NF-8100 are the C5 modified hydrocarbon resin, which has the better compatibility with SBS, SIS and so on. They are well used in pressive adhesives and so on
1. Appearance: Yellowish Granule
2. Color (Gardner in 50% toluene) : 5-9
3. Softening Point (Centigrade, Ball) : 90-140 degree
4. Acid Value (mg KOH/g) : 0.5max
5. Melt Viscovity(200 mPa. s) :220 max
6. Flash Point (Deg C) : 260 min
7. Specific Gravity (20/20 Centigrade) : 1.038. Ash Content (wt. %) : 0.02max
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1800 MT
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