Sell C9 C5 Copolymer resins

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c5/c9 copolymer hydrocarbon resins suitable for adhesives based on SIS, and suitable for rubber modifier and hot-melt adhesive based on EVA. giving well-balanced performance to adhesive.
Having improved compatibility with SBR and EVA; suitable for adhesive tapes and hot-melt adhesive, giving flexibility and high tackiness to adhesive. Aslo c5/c9 copolymer hydrocarbon resins giving excellent tackiness and giving excellent low temperature properties, especially suitable for hot-melt adhesive based on SIS.
Light color c5/c9 copolymer hydrocarbon resins having excellent compatibility with SBS and EVA. Suitable for light color hot-melt adhesive.

We manufacture c5 c9 copolymer hydrocarbon resins from color 9 to color 12 and the softening point from 90 degree centigrade to 120 degree centigrade, As to the details, please feel free to contact us.