Sell CA1608 Car GPS Systems - Result Diagram

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System: Car GPS systems
Model: CA1608
Name: GPS
Function: 1, With GPS satellite navigation positioning function;
2, With DVD, VCD, AM, FM, TV, 4X50W amplifier system;
3, Convenient to operate, manually or remote computer controlled;
4, Auto-save and auto-resume the adjusted parameters
5, AV input and output(including backing input) , which is convenient to connect outside signal;
6, Built-in TV;
7, Built-in AM/FM;
8, Special built-in reverse video input(option) ;
Fittings: CA2306

* CA2306 Concave Camera and CA2505 Rear Sensor, when backing, auto change to rear lens to display reverse situation.
* With CA2501 6-discs changer outside.