Sell CAAPS - Concrete And Asphalt Petrostain Solution

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Bio Organic engineering with enzymes has opened the a new way to cleaning. CAAPS is an industrial strength cleaner that is environmentally friendly and is designed to effectively remove ugly petroleum stains without additives, solvents, acids, chlorides, phosphates or caustic compounds. It is non-flammable and is non-hazardous. Its deep cleaning capability is the result of bio organic enzyme engineering, breaking apart the petroleum hydrocarbon chain.

CAAPS contains the active bio-organic ingredient found in ReKrete, but in a powder form suitable for dilution in water. It makes an extremely effective cleaning spray, particularly in cleaning stubborn petroleum hydrocarbon stains. (This product is an effective surface cleaner and is NOT designed to be used on porous concrete. For that purpose use ReKrete. CAAPS is recommended as a pre spray before applying ReKrete or as a post spray after applying ReKrete. )

Simply spray and wipe clean any oily surface. In tougher cleaning situations, use CAAPS full strength on layers of grungy oil build up.

CAAPS powder comes in 14 LB pails that when diluted in water, makes 55 gallons of cleaning solution thereby significantly reducing detergent costs.
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