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MAIN CONTENT: 97.5--100.5
We have got: ISO9001, HACCP, KOSHER and HALAL certificate.
Uses: Chelant, buffer, coagulant, calcareous intensified agent. According to GB1980-94, it
can be used in soy its products. According to the stiputations of FAOWHO(1984) , its uses and limitation are low powered concentrated mik, sweet condensed milk, thin cream, used separately2g/kg, used together with other slabilizing agents 3g/kg(no water) Milk powder, cream, powder5g/kg, melting cheese 40g/kg. As intensified agent of jam And pectin , tomato tin, cooler and caseinate, its calcium content in theory is 21.07%. It Can be used in floue, cookie, Japanese fermented soya-bean milk.