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CARPETS A kashmiri carpet is a multipurpose object and has to fulfill what may be called contrary functions. It must enliven the envirnment but soothe as well. It is an object of high decoration, yet be under the feet of people, to give warmth and protect them fr5om dampness. It has also to relax tensionswhen one sits or reclines on it. Kahmir carpets are made in silk and wool, most of them are woven on the cotton wrap while some silk carpets have silken wrap also. The raw material inputs are cheifly cotton, wool and silken yarn dyed in the desired shade through a process exclusively traditional. No kind of mechanisms involved, not even the least. To result the right shade, without even the slightest tonal error, however, demands an inmate skill, an uncanny eye for perfection. In producing the whole thing the phenomenon that is kashmir carpet - dyes are of vital importance. Till early 20th century vegetable dyes were in use which have given way to synthetic dyes. Designong for carpets calls for very specialskills, an adroit adaptability. The most significant feature that makes the technique rather unique is Talim, a coded script which denotes number of knots to be piled in a square inch, as also the colour scheme. The range of kashmir carpets comes in widely framed designs named after Iranian cities like Kashan, Kirman, Ardabil, Meshad, Qum, Faraghan, Hamdan, Bokhara, Tabriz, Isfaan etc, in traditional sizes of 2'*3', 2 1/2' * 4', 3' * 5', 4' * 6', 4 1/2' * 7', 5' * 8', 6' * 9', 7' * 10', 8' * 10', 9' * 12'. Kashmir carpet is a craze, a connoisseur's delight, a cherished acquisition and, above all, an intimate freind. It gives years of wears and yet provides an aura of elegance. It floors homes and yet adorns the decor.
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