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Unique functions
1. Able to establish a chain store real time on-line management system via phone line or ADSL Broad Band. Particularly suitable for chain shops. (Refer to the back network diagram) .
2. Nearly with all the sales functions on the stage (like purchase, membership sales, IC Card self-defined key, etc. ) . Able to take place the functions of PC POS, without the disadvantages of the common PC POS (like virus infection, machine down, life of hardware need maintained by expert personnel.
3. With restaurant function key of storing and recalling the non-finalized transactions, connecting with kitchen printer PP25E though Ethernet to establish auto-serving network restaurant system by multi-point mode, avoiding the trouble of personnel's running, hastening and mistake.
4. Originally-developed function of continuously working for 5~20 hours when AC power loss. No worry about the sudden power loss. No need for UPS or even generator.
5. With the long-life electronic hard disk, the stand-alone machine can continuously work for at least 3~10 days in case of network or sever failure (about 8500 sales account) . No worry about producing impact vibration when the cash drawer open and close frequently.
6. Originally-developed, innovative removable and renewable hot keypad (98x2 hot keys) . The keypad can be easily replaced even it is soaked. The layout of hot keypad can be easily edited by the software and be printed immediately so that the cashier can operate the ECR expertly by pressing the single key without having to memorize and enter the several-digit part no, which will not misinput and slow operation causing a long queue of waiting customers. The function is an ideal choice for business of restaurant, souvenir store, bakery and chain stores.
7. *Can be applied as price label printer to print the price labels with barcodes. It can be applied as Automatic Price Updating and Label Replacing Management System with PC software.
Super capacity cash drawer 8-note/5-coin. Optional drawer core with metal cover can be taken out to settle accounts in back office, avoiding counting locally and get quick clerk effect and no need pausing selling.
8. Capable of checking and printing gross profit report for 1000 days (about 3 years) and: periodical gross profit report (weekly, monthly, annual) .
9. Separate keyboard (magnetic lock) ; easily arrange the keyboard position according to counter size.
10. Capable of connecting two bar code scanners, Hand-held and plate form type one each.
11. With calculator functions.
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