1. Function:
In order to make your house safer, we have newly launched an alarm & CCTVall-in-one security system. It means to install 1 to 4 voice indication radar + outdoor movement detection, detecting designated area of indoor or outdoor. This system is waterproof with voice indication to scare off the intruder. For example, if the waterproof movement detection camera detects any illegal intrusion, it willbe triggered at once, and make an alarm with flashing. Meanwhile, the intruderwill hear voice indication such as you already illegally intrude the protected area, your action is being recorded, monitored, and make an alarm, please go outat once. This will be enough to scare away the intruder.
The movement detection system adopts the advanced IR waterproof camera and worked together with the voice indication radar. When it detects any illegal action, the alarm + DVR system will start and trigger the voice indication radar, and auto dial the preset telephone number. At the same time, the system will also record automatically.
When the user receives the alarm call, he/she can take any action at once. Simultaneously, the user, can also remote control through the internet with the password! For example, If the user is driving with no laptop along with him, he can also remote control through the mobile with network function. If the user see the intruder through the mobile video, he can talk with the intruder and tell him to go away.
2. Standard unit: Voice alarm radar& anti-water camera(1-4 optional) , 1 DVR with built-in alarm system, 2 alarm remote controllers, 1 DVR remote controller, AV line, audio & video line, 2 adapter

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